1964 ... MiG-25 'Foxbat'


1976 ... sex and the H-bomb!

... some men can't take 'no' for an answer even when they are receiving 500 rads and hour!

"... last one off gets cole-slaw!"

... what appears to be a MITO (Minimum Take-Off) drill of US Air Force B-52's. Getting all of your bomber 'assets' off the ground in the fastest time is very important in nuclear warfare. What's on the ground is a target. A missile launched from a sub near the US Coast can travel a 'suppressed' flattened trajectory and hit an airfield in the middle of the country faster than you can say "Colonel's Extra Crispy"!

Most 'war-plans' anticipated a prelim. of rising international political crisis. During those few days the bomber force would be 'dispersed' to many airports including municipal airstrips. So if you see B-52's being parked at your local airport it's time to get very worried! 

1960 ... more horny robots!

... according to the tag this is a robot developed by Hughes Tool Co. for working with radioactive machinery. As a pro-photographer I know that this set-up required everyone in parking lot B to park in the cornfield across the road for the day!