1953 ... more of the big and strange!

"... sooo - we need to Zorch stuff with radiation from all directions and that sort of important national security sort of stuff!"

... built in 1953, the Tower Shielding Facility at the Oak Ridge Nuclear Reserve is one of those very big things built so that the mad-scientists could give young boys nightmares. A whole lot more info from this LINK

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1953 ... very big and round!

"West Milton, NY. October 1953. Huge steel shell built for the Atomic Energy Commission to house General Electric's nuclear engine for the atomic submarine Seawolf (SSN-575)"

... more of the strange landscapes of the Cold War! Boy, if you grew-up near that thing you might have had some strange nightmares!

... and - it seems to still be there! Great location for a sci-fi movie!

... Uranium in your own backyard!

"... the Government needs lots of Uranium from YOU! Buy a fancy machine. Point it at the ground- become a Millionaire! You can do it in Your Bathrobe!"


... romantic atomic interlude!

... amazing the number and extent of attempts to market and cash-in on Cold War fears. Perhaps these were re-purposed high fashion raincoats (they do have that Mary Quant feel). There's more than one old Civil Defense film that shoes manly-men utilizing the basic yellow 'slicker' rain-gear as protection against fallout dust. But that's only quicky, minimum, safety against getting the stuff on your skin or breathing it in. Leave your rain-gear outside the shelter and clean-up good after foraging for food and fighting Zombies. Hmmm - maybe that cardboard box was an emergency supply of toilet paper (wouldn't even fit a decent supply of Scotch!).

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... protection from Fallout

... here is a link to an excellent website with follow-up information to the post below...